As a professional, I work hard to transform the heart of your home into one that truly expresses the essence of form and function. From concept to completion, I am known for my passion and precision. The result is a truly unique home that reflects your lifestyle, acknowledges your individuality and inspires a strong sense of personal pride.

Concept Decorating


As an artist who will advise you how to create a home or business environment that is an expression of you, an extension of your life.

As a psychologist who analyzes your personality, your home or business, your way of life and gives you advice.

As an investment broker who advises you how to invest in furnishings you love and can live with.

Allow me to introduce you to a new lifestyle, creative ideas and a lifestyle you want, because I believe that quality of product should be exceeded only by quality of service.

concept decorating...
first the idea, then the material to decorate your home or office, in a distinctively personal style. A style that is a totally individual expression of you, not just a roomful of furniture.

A way of life... a whole new environment... your environment... for rooms that will live in your imagination. After all, it would be a pity to put an extraordinary chair, in an ordinary room.

design excellence...
Anything less, is merely a room... where quality of design meets quality of life.

Simply contact me, tell me your tastes, your terms, your budget. Connect with a professional who will work with you to meet your needs, who speaks your language, whatever your budget.

To explore new dimensions in design: residential, commercial, corporate, realty staging, hotel and restaurant, set design...

In the 'pursuit of excellence' I offer total design solutions with a sophisticated touch.

When your project demands the exceptional!